Health Care Reform and anti-anxiety relief

Zen rocks

Health Care Reform and Controlling Health Care costs can come in many forms.  Do you ever find yourself lost and overwhelmed with work?  Maybe you find email and the internet and social networking a little overwhelming.  You are not alone!

I am a big fan of social media.  I’m on all the popular networks, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.  My favorite is Twitter.  Some of my friends who love social media as much as I do don’t get Twitter, but I find it very resourceful for business and I follow some cool people like Annika Sorenstam (remember I’m a big golf junkie).

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed when it comes to Twitter.  Someone will post a link to a blog, and I click there and then there’s another link and I click there and pretty soon I am lost, and it’s an hour later.  Wow, what’s a social media junkie supposed to do?


I recently found a book that was really helpful to me.  The book is called Focus and the author is Leo Babauta.  Leo is also the author of a really cool blog called Zen Habits.  He tends to write short and simple blogs (someone I should learn from).  But back to the book and what I learned.  I learned it’s okay to unplug sometimes.  Sometimes taking a walk helps you to be more creative.

Sometimes my husband and I go out for dinner and GASP he leaves his Blackberry at home!  Recently he had to use a rental care and since it didn’t have blue tooth like his truck that was in the shop, he said he just wouldn’t use his phone in the car.  I even offered him an extra head set from my collection, but he said he could do without.  Can you imagine?  Is he on to something?


I downloaded Focus to my Kindle and now I have the book with me where ever I go.  And yes, I believe carrying a Kindle with you is still unplugged because I’m not connected to the internet unless I specifically turn the wireless on.

What does this book have to do with Health Care Reform and controlling your health care costs?  One of my complaints about Health Care Reform is the lack of cost controls.  Being constantly overwhelmed by everything that we all have to deal with can cause anxiety.  So maybe reading this book will help you so you don’t have to take anti-anxiety medications.  Or maybe it’s just a great read that helps you remember the important things in life.   Ahh, I knew I could find a way to tie this in.

Do you have any book recommendations?  Please leave a comment.


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  1. Sharon Green says:

    Love your site. Great information

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