Controlling Health Care Spending

Controlling health care spending by taking care of yourself seems to be my number one passion.  I just can’t help it.  I recommend different ideas on how to save premium with your health insurance, but I know in my heart if I help spread the word about taking care of yourself this will help you save money and more importantly save your health. Is there anything more important than your health?  So no more apologies from me.


Enjoy the great outdoors and get healthy

I ran across a website promoted through Kaiser Permanente.  Kaiser is really big on taking care of yourself by eating well and exercising.  I also subscribe to a blog from Dr. Mark Hyman.  His most recent blog was about how truly bad some food products are.  Wanting to share this information with you too, I decided to give you some reviews.

  1. Kaiser Permanente suggests Every Body Walk.  I went to the website and absolutely loved it.  This website has organized walks in some beautiful areas and not so organized walks too.  So whether you like to go in groups or walk alone it has some great information for you.  I love to walk, whether I’m walking the golf course or taking Maximus for a walk, I love it.  Walking makes me very creative (some of my best blogs have been done in my head while I’m on a walk).  It’s important to unplug and get outside if you want to do some creative thinking.
  2. I subscribe to a blog by Dr. Mark Hyman that resonates well with me when it comes to health.  The most recent one I read talks about High Fructose Corn Syrup and how dangerous it is, despite commercials that say “everything in moderation”.  Hah, no way is that true.  Bad stuff should never be eaten, even in moderation.  Commercials are made to sell stuff not to make you healthy.  The other thing Dr. Hyman talks about is how bad wheat is for you.  I know you’re thinking but I can’t give up bread.  Just try it for a week and see how you feel.  Trust me!!
So there it is, short and sweet this week.  Take good care of yourself and you WILL save money on your health care expenses.  I guarantee it!
How can you make a difference to your health this week?

One Comment on “Controlling Health Care Spending”

  1. Sharon says:

    Love the everybody walk website. Your blog actually inspired Russ and me to go for a walk. Dr. Hyman’s blog definitely makes me want to avoid fructose corn syrup.

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