Controlling Costs for your Health

Controlling Costs for your Health, yes, my favorite topic, appeared to me in an article in the Contra Costa Times recently about curing diabetes.  A test was done in Britain recently that had great results for reversing type 2 diabetes.  It was a very small group and the diet was quite restrictive but the results were pretty incredible.  The calorie reduction was done to reverse the percentage of fat in the pancreas where insulin is made.

This isn’t the first time a study has been done to reverse diabetes, but it is the first time it made a headline on the front page of the newspaper.

I watched a DVD a couple of years back about reversing diabetes.  This one wasn’t quite as popular since it was done with a raw food diet.  Gabriel Cousens, M.D. operates the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center  in Patagonia, Arizona.  He was able to reverse diabetes for the people in the program in 30 days who were cooperative and went along with the plan.  There were a couple of people that couldn’t hang in with the program but I’m guessing that happens with any kind of program.


If you had a serious medical condition and there was an option to “fix” your condition, would you try it?  Some people will say they don’t have the will power.  But will power is really just motivation.  Would you be motivated enough to follow a program, even if it were strict, that would wipe out or maybe just reduce the symptoms of a serious medical condition.

In today’s world there seems to be a pill for everything.  Have high cholesterol?  Take a pill.  Have diabetes?  Take a pill.  Can’t sleep at night?  Take a pill.  These can all be very serious issues and cannot and should not be overlooked.  But any time you take a medication there are always side affects.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t take medications in any way shape or form, but I am saying you should give exercise and modifying your diet a try too.


This isn’t just about saving money on co-pays or even lowering an insurance premium.  Sure you could save money on prescription co-pays and doctor office co-pays if you were able to change your habits enough to stop taking a medication.  But look at the bigger picture.  If you were able to reverse diabetes, it isn’t just about the cost of medications.  It’s your health.

Diabetes, if you control it and keep it under control (which by the way is a lot of work too) you could probably keep other health issues from popping up.  But diabetes can cause incredible health issues, blindness, kidney failure, amputations.  And the kicker, diabetes is usually preventable.  No, not always, but taking care of yourself and either not getting it in the first place or reversing it once you have it is doable.  You just can’t take no for an answer.

Tell me what your priority is.


2 Comments on “Controlling Costs for your Health”

  1. Sharon Rettig says:

    Great blog – my brother was able to get off meds for type 2 diabetes by improving his diet. When he was diagnosed, he switched to a healthy diet and stopped eating all the bad stuff he had been eating. He has to watch his sugar intake but he’s off the meds. I would change my diet to improve my health – with the exception of giving up red wine or chocolate!!!

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